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When Sameer Arora was rushed to hospital


Actor Sameer Arora, who plays the lead protagonist Kabir in the show "Bin Kuch Kahe", was rushed to a hospital on account of low blood pressure (BP). He says health comes first and one must tend to it.

The incident happened when the actor returned to Jaipur, where the show is being shot, after a visit to his hometown Nainital.
"I was down with high fever and almost fainted when a crew member from the production house fed me some sugar, chocolate syrup, and lime juice. Finally, I gained some energy and finished my close up shots. But later, again, I felt dizzy and was admitted to hospital where doctor decided to put me on a glucose drip," Sameer said in a statement.

He added: "Within a short while, I felt better and decided not to wait as long as the doctor had prescribed and reached the sets to continue shooting. I finished all my scenes for the day because I know what a unit goes through when actors go missing. Health comes first and I did tend to it, but I was not about to let my show suffer either."

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