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Mahhi Vij slaps her molester at nightclub


Unlike the docile characters she has played on screen, Mahhi Vij is quite a tigress in real life. The actress revealed her fierce side recently when a man tried to molest her. Mahhi was partying at a nightclub with her husband Jay Bhanushali and a friend, when a man groped her from behind. Though shocked for a couple of seconds, she soon retaliated by slapping the guy hard. The actress recollects, "I had gone to the washroom. On the way back to the table, a man groped me. I was so furious, I slapped him twice. However, there was no remorse on his face. I then rushed to Jay and asked him to confront the guy, but he had vanished by then. I couldn't even lodge a police complaint as he couldn't be identified."
Mahhi says that such lechers should not be spared. "They pollute our society. I am glad I could give it back to him. My only regret is that he got away before we could nab him," she says.

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