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Sarika to reject Piyush's proposal in Star Plus’ Dhhai Kilo Prem


The newest aashiq on Indian TV, Piyush (Meherzan Mazda) will be singing the same tunes soon on his show Dhhai Kilo Prem.

The Balaji Telefilms and Sandiip Sikcand’s project will see some exciting moments ahead.

As readers would know, Piyush fell prey to a major confusion that led his family to believe that he loves Deepika (Anjali Anand) instead of Sarika (Benazir Shaikh).

Managing to find some courage, Piyush will finally reveal the truth to his family. Though shocked by the information, his father (Kiran Karmarkar) will decide to support him and ask him to call Sarika home.

And here comes the twist.

Shared a source, “Piyush assumes that Sarika also loves him and would thus call her home and ask her to confess her love. Sarika, who knows about Deepika’s feeling, will be shocked, and tell Piyush that she has no emotions towards him in front of his family.”


Bechara Piyush!

With that, his family will once again pressurise him to marry Deepika, who they feel is the right girl for him.

What would happen next? Will Piyush share his ordeal with Deepika?

Too much excitement coming up! Stay hooked.

We tried reaching MKeherzan but his phone was unavailable.

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