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Jaya Bhattacharya: “Vasundhara in ‘Thapki’ is more Human”


Jaya Bhattacharya who is currently seen as 'Sudha Bua' in 'Gangaa' has bagged yet another pivotal role in recently launched 'Thapki...Pyaar Ki'. Jaya is all set to play 'Vasundhara', mother of the male protagonist in the show. When quizzed about playing two drastically different characters Jaya says, "In Gangaa, I have no make-up, with oil in my hair, I don't have to do much but simply act. In "Thapki", I am playing 'Vasundhara', with elaborate make-up, juda and lots of 'Adaa'. To play 'Vasundhara', I am learning few adaas!!" Jaya believes that 'Vasundhara' is neither negative nor positive character but a very human one. According to her, Vasundhara's behavior totally depends on the situation. On the unusual concept of 'Thapki', Jaya says "If you pity somebody's drawback, it can lead to inferiority complex in that person. In some cases, if that inferiority transforms into superiority complex then it becomes the big issue."

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