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People from well-to-do families come to the sets to seek my blessings.


The magnificent Lord Hanuman on Sony Entertainment Television has got the viewers hooked! The Contiloe project Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman has Nirbhay Wadhwa playing the lead. Tellychakkar.com got into a fun conversation with the actor and got him talking on candid subjects. Have a look.

Talking about his preparation for the role, Nirbhay shared, "I have worked really hard to get the right look. I have put around 20 kgs and now weigh 100kgs to make my character believable. Also getting the dialect right was a task. I have started communicating in Hindi and am using more of Sanskrit to get the dialect right. It is a very difficult job to carry the 15 kgs jewellery and also wear the mask and tail, but I love every moment of playing Hanuman."
Talking about his fondness for the God, the actor shared, "From childhood I have been reading Hanuman Chalisa and am really a true bhakt of Hanuman. Now after taking up the role, I have given up on non-veg food also."
When asked if he had to ask for one special power from Hanuman, he said, "I would ask for the power of flying. Since in Mumbai, traffic is bad, it would be a great boon to fly and reach every decision in a whiff of time."
Having portrayed the negative Dushashan and now a bal brahmachari, we wondered if he missed all the female adulation. "I am so busy shooting that I don't get time to realize that," said Nirbhay with a smile. "But yes, I am proud to play such variant characters, one who had no respect for woman, and the other who did all to save Sita. I feel lucky to have got that opportunity."

Talking about fun fan moments, the actor said, "People from well-to-do families come to the sets to seek my blessings. They also keep their newborn babies on my feet. It is really embarrassing and I ask the watchmen to not allow such happenings. Also it is a great feeling when fans send me messages that they have my pictures in their mandir; it is definitely an ecstatic moment."
Nirbhay who has been part of Mahabharat, Maharana Pratap and now Hanuman, added, "I have been doing all 'maha' shows and roles, and am definitely happy. But I would be open to doing regular fiction shows also. I must add that saas-bahu shows come and go, but such characters are made in decades and stays in people's mind forever."
And finally sharing some secrets about himself, the mighty actor quipped, "I am really lazy and can sleep all day when I am not shooting. I am also a complete foodie and can go on eating. I love flying kites and do so even in Mumbai. Also animals make me really happy; in my hometown Jaipur, I am closely associated with animal shelter homes."

Source ( Telly Chakkar )

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