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Ekta Kaul will be back on TV with a very ‘hatke’ show Mere Angne Mein on Star Plus.


'Mere Angne Mein', a forthcoming TV family drama, was launched here in the presence of actors Varun Badola, Krutika Desai, Ekta Kaul and Ananya Khare, who feel the entertainer, which delves on generation gap, will bring something unique to the tube. Set in Allahabad, the show's story is based on clash of ideologies. To go on air on Star Plus starting June 15, "Mere Angne Mein" will showcase the difference between the authoritative and democratic as well as the generation gap between the head of the family and the youngest members.

The stunning Ekta Kaul, who shot to fame with Rab Se Sohna Ishq, Bade Achhe Lagte Hai, Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi, will be back on TV with a very 'hatke' show Mere Angne Mein on Star Plus.

The Sphereorigins project portrays the different ideologies of family members. Ekta play Riya, a small town girl with an evolved outlook towards life.

"She believes in freedom of expression and demands the basic right of all human beings. She is educated, liberal, independent and is today's girl. She is strong and believes in standing up for what is right even if it means going against her own family. The show is beautiful, which would depict how so many different people live together happily as family," said the girl.

Talking about her own family scenario, Ekta said, "I come from Jammu, which is yet to develop completely. After 7 pm, you will not find anybody on the road. Although there is a lot of constraint in the society, my mom gave us complete freedom in terms of education and career. Though my dad is supportive, he is still a little apprehensive when it comes to taking some bold decisions."

"I moved to Mumbai when I joined a company and was soon offered acting assignments. But let me tell you that I have had many culture shocks! Family values are really different in cities and small towns. We used to be up-to-date about the whole neighbourhood, and here we don't even know who stays beside us," added the girl.

As an afterthought, she added, "I just can't live without my family. Every day when I go back home, I have to see at least one family member who I can talk to. My mother, cousin or even my aunt is usually around, making me feel happy and content."

And finally when we asked her if she feels its luck or talent that is helping her bag shows back to back, the actor smiled, "I think it is a combination of luck, talent and my parents' blessing. A person can only gain success if they have these."

What a complete family girl, Ekta!

Source ( Telly Chakkar )

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