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Reporters Madhav's kidnapping drama to bring Ananya-Kabir closer


latest update on Sony TV's popular show Reporters…
We all know how Ananya and Kabir have constantly been at loggerheads. However, finally the two will be seen patching up. Yes! The current plot surrounding the two is the traitor Madhav's case where Ananya has been given the lead to carry out his interview. Ananya of course doesn't want any favor from Kabir this time. But Kabir who is now very concerned for Ananya, forcibly becomes a part of it saying he is her senior and will have to accompany her for Madhav's interview. Ananya has no choice and decides to take him along. On their way, they see a set of men following their car, who later also keep them at the gun point. Ananya looks worried and holds Kabir's hand. Seeing this, Kabir assures he'll handle it and tells her that its usual in such big shot cases.

Soon after, they meet Madhav who asks Ananya as to why did she get someone, when he had specifically asked her to come alone. Again, Kabir defends this one saying its their company policy to send juniors in twos'. To which Madhav quips saying this man (Kabir) has mainly come for Ananya's safety. But will he be able to save her from me? Kabir gets impatient hearing this and asks them to start with the interview before it gets too late. However, Madhav randomly walks out of the room, leaving Kabir and Ananya puzzled!

Now what next? Will the two land themselves into some serious trouble? Well, the precap of the episode has been kept as a suspense. But with this new twist in the plot, we are sure Ananya and Kabir's concern for each other is raising to an all new level. They are alone, bonding close, away from office with the goons- don't these bits lead to an exciting new turn? Tell us and keep watching this space for more updates on the show!

Source (Bollywoodlife)

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