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Meet the Real Me : Nakuul Mehta


Whenever I get 3-4 days off, I ensure to pack my bags and start travelling. Art and history interest me so much that wherever I travel - I ensure to get an in-depth de tail about the history of that place. In fact, recently as my dad was working on a coffee-table book that puts up history of royal legacy - I helped him a bit with proof-reading it and in the final phase travelled with him as well for the research.
I ensure to savour all the local delicacies of the places I visit. Second thing that interests me is sports - I love indulging in all the sports but the one close to heart is cricket. I have played cricket while I was in school and somewhere I guess Vadodara weaves or infuses that element of cricket in you! In fact, I took an day off from shoot to enjoy the Champions Trophy finale on Sunday.
Being a son-in-law of Gujarat
Not many know that I have stayed in Ahmedabad for few months while I was in school. We stayed close to Law Garden and then I totally used to love going to Manek Chowk for its food and even bigger attraction was soft-serve ice-cream outlet near Panchvati -which was just one of its kind in the city around that time.It has stayed with me as a memory.And in Vadodara, I stayed for about two years in Alkapuri -loved that city for its cosy feel and the way it sticks to its traditions. And now, as a son-in-law of Gujarat -because Jankee is from Ahmedabad -I am spoilt and pampered. I love my share of delicious Gujarati food and being a foodie, that is something I crave the most for. Not only that, I have picked up the language pretty well and totally follow Gujarati traditions as perfectly as I do my Rajasthani rituals traditions. What I love about Ahmedabad is that the city has retained its heritage and culture just as nicely as it has accepted the modern ways. The Sabarmati Riverfront has left me awestruck. It really looks fabulous.

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