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Beyhadh : Ayaan is fatally hit by Maya


In the latest episode of Beyhadh, Maya tells Ayaan that he has no idea of her madness and tells him that her madness is her biggest strength and she will never forget it.
Maya tells Ayaan that Arjun had loved her when she was mad and will always be there by her side. She asks him to stop all this. Ayaan saya he is there with her for their child and he will have to kill the child to help his brother. She warns him to not do anything that will hurt her child. Maya says she loves Arjun and cannot spare anybody who will come in between their love even if it his mother Vandana, Saanjh or even the baby. Ayaan has a wicked smile on his face and this is when it is revealed that all this is being recorded by Ayaan to make Maaya confess everything. She asks Ayaan to return the tape but he tells her it has to be shown to Arjun. Maya gets worried and starts crying thinking that Arjun had said he would leave her if she turns evil again.
Ayaan leaves from there and calls up Saanjh telling her about the tape. She asks him to stay away from Maya and wait for her to pick him up. While he is waiting for Saanjh, a speeding car moes him down and it is Maya. He asks for help but she tells him that she is mad for Arjun and will not let anything come in between them.
She tries to kill him and says she did not like the medicines at the mental asylum so she stopped taking them, she wanted to get better but he didn't let her do that. She closes his eyes and says he will be in a better place now and leaves with the camera which has the recording.
Saanjh reaches the spot but cannot spot Ayaan, she tries looking for him and calls on his mobile. Just then she has a narrow escape from a speeding car. She then finds a group of people surrounding a person lying on the ground and finds it is Ayaan. She holds him in her lap and cries out loud.

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