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Kapil Sharma Opens Up About His Mid-Air Fight With Sunil Grover Like Never Before


Fans of Kapil Sharma can breathe a sigh of relief as the comedian has been discharged from the hospital. He was hospitalised over the weekend after he complained of uneasiness. However, as soon as his health got a little better, he resumed shooting for his next Bollywood film, Firangi. It is from the sets of the film, he decided to do a Facebook Live and interact with his fans. And although he still looked a bit pale and low on energy, he answered all the questions that were thrown at him. One such fan asked him when will Sunil Grover return on The Kapil Sharma Show, and while we expected Kapil to dodge that question considering so much has been said and written about the mid-air fight between the two comedians, but surprisingly, he did not and said, “He is like a friend. Whenever he wants to come back, he can. I did go and meet him. Let’s see.”
Another fan commented something on the lines that Kapil is not able to handle success. And the comedian had a reply to that too. “It’s nothing like that. Everyone goes through such things in their lives. And no one has the original information about what happened. Whenever I get a chance, I will explain it to everyone,” said Kapil.
Questions about Sunil’s return just didn’t stop as one more fan asked Kapil if the former will ever make a comeback on TKSS. And once again, Kapil said, “I have met him (Sunil) two three times. He is like my brother. Whenever he wishes to come back, he can.”
There were lots of speculations after the news about Sunil and Kapil’s fight came out. According to some media outlets, the fight started because Kapil’s colleagues (Sunil, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar), who were also travelling back to Mumbai from Australia started eating before him. This didn’t go down well with a drunk Kapil, who apparently hurled at abuses at them
So for the first time, Kapil spoke about that too in the FB Live as he said, “There were some unauthorized digital media outlets that reported stories like my team ate before me and that got me angry. I was in the same flight, I didn’t come from some other plane. So I have stopped reacting to all such rumours. And it is because I don’t react, they write more such stories to poke me. So I don’t care.”
What are your thoughts on Kapil’s recent statements? Let us know in the comments section below and keep watching this space for all the latest goss from B-town.

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