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Jennifer Winget aka Maya’s bald avatar from Beyhadh will leave you shell shocked – view pic!


Maya will be seen in a bald avatar in the upcoming episodes, when she returns to take revenge from Arjun and his family.
Jennifer Winget‘s Beyhadh is known for keeping viewers at the edge of their seats. While everyone watching the show regularly, knows that Maya (Jennifer) is dead, the truth is that she is not. She will be seen coming back soon to take revenge from Arjun (Kushal Tandon) and his family and how? Maya who is known for her glamorous avatars will be seen sporting a bald look. Yes, but don’t worry that doesn’t dampen her beauty in any which way. Don’t believe us? Well watch and behold!
In an exclusive picture revealed by Bollywood Life, straight from the sets of the Beyhadh, Jennifer aka Maya is seen sporting a bald look and boy are we shocked! Jannifer has already shot for this episode at Mumbai’ s Kanheri caves and she is seen in a complete bald avatar. Dressed in all white, she will be seen with a bunch of kids and sadhus getting her ‘ mundan’ done. Don’t worry, Jennifer hasn’t shaved off her beautiful tresses in real life for the role. She will be seen wearing a ‘bald cover wig’ to look ‘bald and beautiful’ . However, we’re all eager to know as to why did Maya have to go bald?
The TV show will have yet another leap and the actress’ bald look signifies her determination to make a come back, that too with vengeance. However, as the show progresses, the actress will be seen sporting short hair. The leap episode is expected to show Maya dead on one hand, while on the other hand, she will seen in an Ashram shaving off her head. Apparently, she will be saved by the Sadhus and taken to the Ashram where she will be seen recovering. As Maya gains consciousness, she realises that Arjun, the love of her life–for who she was ready to go to any extent, tried to kill her and this will make her vow to avenge her ‘death’ from Arjun (Now doesn’t it remind you of Naagin or Khoon Bhari Maang?) . Furthermore, she will be reminded of her miscarriage seeing the kids at the Ashram, which will reinforce her urge to seek revenge from Arjun and his family even more.
Meanwhile Arjun will be seen starting afresh with Saanjh ( Aneri Vajani ) albeit with lot of tensions thanks to Maya who will come back to make his life a living hell. Along with the leap, viewers will also get to see many new faces. Maya too will have new partners in crime, in her ever more dangerous avatar. Aren’t you’ll excited about the upcoming track of the show? Let us know in the comment section below about your views seeing Maya in a bald yet beauiful avatar.

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