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Playing a character like Saavri is life changing: Gulki Joshi


Lovely actress Gulki Joshi, who has recently entered Colors’ daily Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan (Rajshri Productions) as a psycho lover, Saavri, is playing a negative role for the first time and she is enjoying it to the core.

Actors always love to explore different roles and for Gulki, Saavri is the role which is giving her extreme satisfaction as an actress. In a candid conversation with Us, she talked about her experience of playing the particular character and much more.

She said, “Playing Saavri is life changing and I feel lucky that it’s my first negative role. I am playing a character which is interesting and it has so many layers. As an actor, you get bored withplaying positive shades. Saavri is not a bad girl; she is a girl who has never been loved. There have been a lot of bad things inculcated in her mind about her dark skin. Her mother has always made her feel bad about herself. Now she has turned into a rebel. She doesn’t care about anybody and she will do only what she wants to. She thinks that if she will get married to a boy of a rich family then everybody will consider her beautiful. She was told that she will get married in the Chauhaan House and now she wants to break marriage of Karan (Samridh Bawa) and Naina (Ankitta Sharma) with the support of her mom and Sandhya (Suchitra Pillai).”

“The role of Saavri is so interesting as she behaves differently with each character. I get to do so many things in one scene which is quite interesting for me. I am getting so many hate mails from NaiRan (Naina-Karan) fan club. They comment on my posts to leave the show. It’s good to know that people are attached to the show and they really hate my character,” she added.

Since its Gulki’s first tryst with a negative role, we asked her if the hate comments affected her in any way. She said, “Initially, I was like what’s going on! But then I spoke to Ankitta, who played a similar character on her previous show, she told me that the same thing happened with her as well so she advised me to take it as a compliment.”

We also asked the actress about her off-screen bond with the star cast of the show. She shared, “The bond is really good. They all are very sweet, warm and welcoming.”

The ardent followers of the daily would know how the key star casts never fail to have fun among themselves and play pranks. We asked Gulki if there was any prank played on her. She quipped, “I had already warned all of them on my very first day that I am quite ahead of all of them when it comes to playing pranks. I had told them that if they will try to play a prank on me, I will play a bigger one on them (laughs).”

Gulki is also playing the role of Devki on &TV’s newly launched mythological drama Padmavtaar Shri Krishna. She is juggling with two shows now. Talking about the same, she commented, “It is very hectic. I have been shooting day and night and hardly getting time to sleep. Thankfully, my family is here so my meals are taken care of. Sometimes, I do take a nap while travelling but I am thoroughly enjoying both the roles.”

“I would like to say to the audiences that do keep watching both the shows as the characters havelots of layers and they are undergoing through a lot of changes. You will enjoy the shows,” signedoff the actress.

Good luck, Gulki!

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