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Bansuri accepts Veera as her daughter-in-law


Baldev and his father are determined to convince Bansuri to accept Veera into the family as her daughter-in-law. Baldev knows that his mother loves him and that she will eventually agree. Baldev informs his mother that he will become a ghar-jamai for Veera.

Bansuri is shocked to hear this and she complains to her husband Balwant. But he too sides with his son and tell her that it is Baldev’s only option. Bansuri feels bad that her only son will not live in their house and she finally agrees to accept Veera as her daughter-in-law.

However, Rajveer is still keen to marry Veera at any cost and decides to implicate Baldev. He hides drugs in Baldev’s stock truck and decides to arrest him for this crime. But Baldev later checks the truck, finds the drugs and removes it. Rajveer is livid when he does not find anything in the truck. All his efforts to get rid of Baldev seem to be going in vain. But he refuses to give up. What will be his final move to get rid of Baldev so that he can get Veera?

Ranvijay is also upset with Gunjan as she lied to him about her gambling and stole money. He refuses to forgive her for this mistake. Will their relationship get strained?

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