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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan : Nandini To Celebrate Her 18th Birthday Soon!


Everyone is in Mangalore attending the music workshop and is a tough teacher
The entire cast of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan is in Mangalore learning music from Amms. The music workshop has been organized by Manik solely to remain close to Nandini and also to help get music back in her life which got scarred because of Pandits abuse. Amms takes all the students under her, even Manik joins them but he registers himself as Santok. Amms gets irritated with him for lying and punishes him by asking him to clean and tune all the musical instruments.

She then tells all the students to pick an instrument and practice in different corners of the school. Amms sees Nandini and Manik together and feels that he is not good for her granddaughter. Manik on the other hand tricks Nandini into playing the sitaar by distracting Nandini and diverting her mind for Pandit.

We will soon see Nandini;s Birthday sequence being celebrated in the show. After almost close to a year of the show we are seeing someone;s birthday being celebrated. Nandini would be turning 18 on this birthday of hers.

This will be the first opportunity for Manik to prove his love for Nandini. Seeing his efforts maybe Amms heart melt and she may just accept him for granddaughter. Niti tweeted, "I got some news!!! Nandiniiiiiii Ka birthday aane Wala haiiii." Apparently fans have been asking for a birthday sequence for the longest time and the creatives decided to indulge in the fans' wishes.

Besides Manik and Nandini, this episode will bring a new twist in Cabir's (Ayaz Ahmed) life. With Rushad Rana's re-entry in the show, Cabir's life is just about to get complicated. Will Amms let Nandini see Pandit again? Will Manik and Nandini get over their issues? Will Nandini get back to music with Manik's help?

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