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TV actor Karan Patel copies Shah Rukh Khan's style


This young and dashing actor, who is slowly becoming the newest Balaji boy in tellyworld, is already showing airs. Yes, we are talking about Karan Patel who plays the lead in Balaji's newest show 'Kasturi' on Star Plus. It's a well-known fact that Karan Patel admires B-town superstar Shah Rukh Khan. So it wasn’t really surprising when Karan made an appearance at the Star Parivaar Awards in typical SRK style. Be it the pony tail, the spectacles or the black shirt blue denims, the TV star paid a classy homage to his idol. When Karan was asked if it was a conscious decision, he defended himself, saying, "Not at all. It is the way I dress up, but if it turns out the way SRK dresses too, it's a coincidence. I've admired him and his work all my life. Being even this close to the way he dresses and looks is a big thing for me." With fans sharing pictures of the two actors on social networking sites, resemblance became even more evident. "Whoever came up with that has a mind that functions wondrously. I wouldn't have even thought of this,” the actor shared with a smile. This actor had prompt replies for all the questions that were shot at him whether it was related to the show, or his character or even Balaji. Declaring himself a lover of Balaji, Karan says, "I do not want to work outside Balaji. It is the best production house". Karan has, thus, done cameos in almost all of the Balaji shows and loosed count while naming them. Gear up to watch the fun filled Star Parivaar Awards 2015 this weekend!

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