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Jyotsna Chandola's real wedding plans clash with her reel


Actress Jyotsna Chandola is a confused soul these days. Reason? The chaos while she's preparing for both her real and reel wedding. The actress is not only busy preparing for her wedding on the show Jodha Akbar, but also off it.

She is set to tie the knot with beau, director Nitesh Singh, on April 21 in Banaras. Describing the situation as 'funny', she elaborates, "I get confused at times when people ask me about the preparation. I tell them there's still time, not realising that they are asking about my onscreen wedding. It's only when they mention Salim that I realise they are talking about the wedding on the show."

Jyotsna is planning to host the 'real' sangeet on April 14 in Mumbai for those who can't make it to Banaras for the big day. "Haldiis on April 20 and the reception is on the same day as the wedding," she reveals. The actress will be off work for at least a week post her wedding. She says, "I will be with my in-laws then."

Her honeymoon plan is on hold as Jyotsna hasn't zeroed in on a location yet. "There are many exotic places on my list. Also, I've applied for a long leave for my wedding and can't ask for more for the honeymoon as well. However, if my leave gets extended, it will be an impromptu honeymoon for us," she smiles.

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