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Sara Khan becomes the new face for Roli.


Soon Sasural Simar Ka will go into a 4-month leap and the time gap will bring in a new plot and a new face. Sidhant and Roli, whose love story is adored by all fans, will soon face a traumatic time as the couple will meet with an accident and Roli will have to undergo plastic surgery!

Popular TV actress Sara Khan is scheduled to play the new Roli, bringing in a new twist to the show.

After getting Vikrant arrested Roli and Sidhant are on their way back when a near - collision with a truck causes Sidhant to lose control. The car hangs off to a cliff and while Sidhant is saved Roli is severely injured and doctors declare 50% of her body as burned and hence recommend plastic surgery.

After a gap of 4 months we will see the revelation of the new Roli. But will Sidhant be able to accept the circumstances? How will this affect their relationship?

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