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Sneha Wagh gets mobbed by fans in Jaipur


Actors getting surrounded by their beloved fans is not new. Stars play an integral part in the lives of their every fan. While a few fans are subtle in their approach the rest literally go berserk at the very glimpse of their idol.
Such fan experiences are always overwhelming for actors. Recently, actress Sneha Wagh experienced the love of her fans, on her trip to Jaipur. The actor was there on account of work and was deeply touched by their special way.
"I love interacting with my fans. They always go that extra mile to show me how much they love and care for me. Especially when you are travelling, fans are like your family. They help you believe that you are not away from home. I was so touched by them, when I was in Jaipur recently. They saw me and started calling out to me," she says. In fact, the actor even made sure to spend some quality time with them. "At events or during interviews, we are hardly able to interact with our fans. Even if there is a meet and greet arranged, there are so many people and you cannot really talk to them. Since I had some free time in Jaipur, I decided that this was the best time to get to know them. We sat with each other at a street ice cream shop and talked. It was amazing," she says.
The actress was last seen on Maharana Ranjit Singh wheree she essayed the role of Maharana Ranjit Singh's mother. The actress rose to fame wityh her popular show Jyoti.

source : TOI

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