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Bigg Boss 11: I can't share my bed with anyone, says Shilpa Shinde


After staying away from Television for more than a year now, the original Bhabhi Ji Shilpa Shinde is finally back on the small screen with one of the biggest reality series, Bigg Boss 11. In an exclusive chat with the TimesOfIndia.com, the actress claimed that CINTAA behaves like a mafia and also revealed that she cannot share a bed with anyone.
"I am very happy to do the show, but I also like to add that I not doing Bigg Boss to prove anything to anyone. I was getting a lot of offers from TV amd turned them down as I didn't want to do them. With Bigg Boss I feel there is nothing bigger than this show so I said yes," explained Shilpa.
Shilpa, who got recognition for playing Angoori Bhabhi in Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain, says everything is now sorted between producer Benaifer Kohli and her. "We have mutually settled everything on paper and there are no issues between us now."
However, Shilpa still has complaints against CINTAA. The actress feels that the governing body has some personal issues with her and they tried their level best to not allow her to work on TV even though she is a committee member. "They use my name to get publicity. I am lucky that I was born in Mumbai otherwise these people would have not even allowed me to work in Mumbai. They didn't let me work with Kapil Sharma in his previous show. They are a mafia and terrorise people who try to voice their views against them," stared Shilpa.
Shilpa, who has been a part of successful shows like Maayka, Chidiyaghar and Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain, says that she works more than her maid in her house and she is ready to do daily household chores of Bigg Boss house as well. But she is not ready to share her bed with anyone.
As far as fights in the house are concerned, Shilpa stated that she is not going to take anyone's bulls***. "I am not going to sit quiet if someone purposely picks up a fight with me, I will give it back to them. Lot of times third person enjoys fights and let the other two people fight. I won't do that I will try and solve the issues between the people fighting."
Shilpa is super excited to meet Salman and is also nervous at the same time. The actress hopes that she doesn't get speechless in front of the superstar. "When I was facing issue after I was removed from Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain, lot of people told me that I should take Salman's help as he is known to help others. But I thought it was a very small issue to disturb him," said the actress.

source : TOI

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