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Most can’t handle one... will Aarushi handle seven?


The story of a girl with seven mothers-in-law...

Zee TV, India's leading Hindi general entertainment channel (GEC), has consistently entertained audiences with differentiated content that has resonated with its core positioning of Umeed. The channel now brings its viewers yet another story of hope, Satrangi Sasural. The show centers around Aarushi who marries Vihaan Narmada Vatsal, a man raised by not one, but seven very strong and independent mothers. Starting 3rd December, every Monday to Friday at 10 PM on Zee TV, join Aarushi on her journey of deftly managing the expectations of her seven mothers-in-law, who only have Vihaan's best interests at heart. The sensitive depiction of the unique dynamics between a bahu and her seven mothers-in-law is the first-of-its-kind on Indian television.

Based in Delhi, the Vastals are a unique family that represents a cross section of India's vibrant culture as each of the mothers hail from diverse backgrounds and have their own individual personalities. While Dadi Maa influences Vihaan in terms of having a mature point of view while tackling the problems of life, Narmada Maa, his biological mother, is his emotional anchor and coaches him on being sensitive to others. Bua Maa inculcates in him an intrinsic strength and the ability to stand up for what is right. Chachi Maa takes care of his diet and ensures he's eating right at all times. Mini Maa, being the fitness enthusiast she is, looks into his health and well-being. Tai Maa is his spiritual anchor, teaching him to stay connected with God and Maasi Maa is his intellectual guide who ensures that he excels in his career. How will his wife Aarushi, who hails from a nuclear family of modest means, where she is the sole bread winner, adapt to a joint family with seven mother figures? Only time will tell!

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