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I've become good friends with Kritika Kamra: Puru Chibbar


Television show shoots are very time consuming and in this hectic schedule the actors don't get time to bond and spend time with their co-stars. Actors generally complain that due to paucity of time, they aren't able to connect with their colleagues off screen, which is important to create the magic onscreen. But this isn't the case with the dynamic duo of Ronnie and Ananya from the show Reporters on Sony TV.

Actors Puru Chibber and Kritika Kamra, who play good friends in TV show "Reporters" are also very fond of each other off screen. The former says the duo have too many things in common and like to spend time together in between shoots.

"Initially I did not know Kritika well and therefore our conversations were only restricted to simple 'hi' and 'bye'. But as time passed, we realised that we had so much in common and started talking about our interests. And in no time, we became good friends," Puru said in a statement.

Not just this, but our entire team gets together during lunch and have a gala time. You always get to know a person better when you spend some quality time with them and as actors, who have to work for 12-13 hours at a stretch, it's is good to be friends with your co-actors so that we can enjoy work."

The Sony Entertainment Television show focuses on the behind the camera life of journalists, along with the angle of an intense love story between the characters they portray.

To catch the phenomenal performance of Kritika Kamra and Puru Chibber and their offscren friendship translate into onscreen magic, watch Reporters from Monday to Friday at 9pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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