Shocking: Violence on the sets of Thapki?

Shocking: Violence on the sets of Thapki?
Tv Talks Networks , 18 June 2015

The recently launched show by SOL and Shoonya Productions presents a positive outlook about a girl with stammering issue overcoming her worries and fulfilling her dreams. But off screen lurks a lot of negativity

If rumours are to be believed the director of the show Rahib Siddiqui reportedly had a major argument with one of the Assistant Directors named (AD) Sonu.

Apparently while filming a shot, Rahib got really furious and shouted at Sonu. It did not end there as in a state of anger he went to kick his assistant, injuring him badly. The other ADs are now scared to even go back on the sets.

But it seems Rahid has rubbished all these rumours and added that it was just an argument which has been blown out of proportion by the media.


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