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Swaragini: Will Ragini Aka Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar Quit The Show?


In Swaragini, Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar, who plays the role of Ragini, was liked by audiences. But now there are reports that Ragini is planning to quit the show.

The reason being her role, which was shown as positive and traditional girl, is now turning negative and the actress in not at all comfortable playing negative shades.

A source shared with us that recently for a particular scene, she was asked to enact a typical vampish sequence. The scene was where she would drug her sister Swara (Helly Shah), to kill her. But we hear that Tejaswi simply declined to essay such a negative avatar. She has also had a word with the production house regarding the same.

There are also rumours that the actress has spoken to the production house (Rashmi Sharma Telefilms) regarding the same issue. The production house is yet to take decision on it. But Tejaswi is adamant that she will not play negative role and has threatened to quit the show if it happens.

When we buzzed Tejaswi for a confirmation, she said, "Nothing like that has happened yet. Yes I am not comfortable essaying a baddie on screen, and wouldn't continue if that happens. But I think the production house would be able to answer these queries better."

In the show, Swara will admit her love towards Lakshya (Namish Taneja), which will shock Ragini. This will make her more adamant on getting her love back in her life. Ragini had previously taken Sanskar's (Varun Kapoor) help to separated Swara and Laskhya. Though Ragini loves her sister, she doesn't want to leave her love.

Well we just hope that everything sorts out soon and Ragini remains an ever positive character with a smile on her face. Wish you luck!!

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