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FIR Actress Kavita Kaushik writes open letter to Smriti Irani


Actress Kavita Kaushik, who is popularly known as Chandramukhi Chautala from 'FIR' and the soon to be contestant on Jhalak, has recently written an open letter to actress cum politician Smriti Irani. We hear that the actress is a keen reader of the Vedas and hence would like our Indian education system to include the Vedanta teachings for our future generations. Kavita in her letter says, "I was introduced to Vedanta teachings at a stage in my life where I had it all - money, shallow fame, shallower friends and all that it takes to lead a 'happy' material life but I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown with the hollowness of dissatisfaction. On a trip to Rishikesh I learnt about the Vedanta academy." Looking back on her own life the young actress says, "I've found a Maseeha, an anchor not in any human being but in "Vedanta". Wonder how I would have turned out if I had this knowledge from my childhood - all those years of crying in the hostel, fear and depression, fogged judgment of life, messing up most equations with people, wrong fearful decisions, regrets, etc would not have been there and I would have grown up to be the master of whatever I would pursue."

Personally with all due respect to the different western languages I learnt in school or the authors I read I've not seen any use of "who art thou " or "thee thou how" besides watching Hindi movies made in their adaptation. Indeed learning about other cultures and philosophical schools and comparing them to ours is a very healthy exercise for both personal and professional growth but we have completely forgotten that India is the mother of unlimited wealth of knowledge which lies in our Vedas".

The actress signs off on a note that makes one question life and the direction we are going in. "Human beings are in a state of emergency with their mental well being and this is a threat faced by every single individual all over the world, is anyone reading this letter really happy? Completely blissful? Isn't our ultimate goal of life to achieve happiness? Indeed we have everything around us to make us all extremely intelligent from the age of 3 but we are still fighting over claiming our Gods, killing each other over road rage, abusing seniors our fathers age on social networking sites just because they spoke about their food choices, the list is endless and disturbing," concludes

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