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5 Reasons Why Siyali And Siddharth Should Come Back In Warrior High Season 2


So Warrior High starring Sanaya Pithawala and Ashwini Koul is coming to a finish. Lost Boy Productions' American internet entrepreneur Vikas Gupta corroborated this news to a well-liked media portal. He also said that Warrior High was forever supposed to be a limited series. However the show is not yet over, just season one of it is coming to a finish and that they will be back with the season two like in the west.

Shows of international showcase twenty-four episodes in 1 season and after that come back with season 2. Obviously we are not subsequent that style in India as, however. We just expect that when Warrior High comes back with season 2 it is with our well-liked characters Siyali (Sanaya Pithwala) and Siddharth (Ashwini Koul). Here's why we desire them in the next season also. Below are 5 reasons why Siyali and Siddharth should come back in Warrior High season 2.

#Both Ashwini and Sanaya's characters are independent, interesting, strong, and hate that create it worth our while.

#The chemistry between the duo has under presents that frequently flare up. Their equation has coatings that are not so clear when you watch it which creates you look onward to it.

#Still when they are not sharing the screen space they capture the viewers concentration. Ashwini and Sanaya may be latest to telly town however they have honed their acting aptitude to the greatest of their skill. They can live in the show with no support of the other.

#Warrior High may be concerning all the students, however, face it; people passionately watch the show mainly for Siyali and Siddharth. And without them the show would be imperfect.

#No childhood show is absolute without the adore angle. Siyali and Sid's love-hate association may be ordinary on TV. However, this is the show that discuss concerning such an association without relating the saas bahu angle. Require we say more? Therefore trust the makers of the Warrior High take note to us.

Source (Bollywoodlife)


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