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I didn't expect this from Shilpa Shinde - Hiten Tejwani, BB11


Popular TV actor Hiten Tejwani got evicted from Bigg Boss 11 last night in a shocking elimination. The actor is most disappointed with Shilpa Shinde as he never expected that she would vote against him. "I am very disappointed as I never thought of getting evicted at this point in the show. I was expecting to win Bigg Boss, but now I am out of the show. I never expected that Shilpa would vote me out. Her vote could have made a difference, but she chose to save Priyank saying that she finds me tough competition. So, I think she wants to compete with the weak ones and go ahead in the game. There have been so many times when I supported her and she was more like a friend to me," shared Hiten.

When asked If he had to pay a price for a war between Shilpa, Vikas and Arshi, Hiten replied, "I don't know. If she had problems with Vikas or Arshi, she should have dealt with them. She is an intelligent woman. I always helped her whenever she needed, I even lied to other housemates. We had developed a bond and she was a friend."

"Hina Khan never missed a chance to instigate fights between people. She would jump into fights unnecessarily and had opinions about almost everything. Hina is fake and takes advantage of situations when two people are fighting. Hina has one special place where she is mostly seen in the house and that is her bed. She eats, sleeps and hangs around on her bed. Luv and Priyank also sit there throughout the day. They just sit on the bed and talk nasty things behind everyone's back. She also very diplomatic at the same," adds Hiten.

The actor wants to see his friend Vikas Gupta lifting the trophy, "I want to see Vikas win the show as he always wished to see me as a winner or Shilpa. I think Shilpa, Arshi Khan and Vikas will be in top three," exclaimed Hiten. Hiten will be going out for a day or two with his kids and wife Gauri soon to unwind himself.

Stay tuned to check what new is happening in the BB house..!!

source TOI

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