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7 Facts revealed about the flamboyant Ashish Sharma


Aashish Sharma..The name itself excites a lot of girls out there. The news has created a buzz from quite sometime now and the fans can't wait any longer to see the their beloved dynamic Aashish Sharma as Prithvi Vallabh.

Hailing from a small town of Jaipur and getting a film offer that too with someone as creative as Dibaker Banerjee and followed by it was a strong character of Avdesh Singh in 'Gunahon Ka Devta', followed by donning a historical character of Chandragupta Maurya later as Rudra in 'Rang Rasiya' and now as Prithivi Vallabh in 'Prithvi Vallabh: Ithihas bhi, Rahasya bhi' — Ashish Sharma's entering tinsel town is quite an interesting journey..!!

To add on to your knowledge about the charming hero, here are few facts :

1) His affair with acting started when he was really young — 7-8 years old. He used to collect the neighborhood kids, prepare small skits with them, and perform them in community centers. This went on till he graduated. It was theatre that he used to enjoyed the most at that time.

2) Ashish did not follow the traditional path to learn acting. He created his own method of acting. In his opinion everyone has different equtions of understanding things -

"As a student of acting I was trained in different styles and approaches, but I always differed on one thing. That is, how can we generalize, or say that this particular theory works for everyone? I believe it is so individualistic—what works for me need not work for somebody else. So I believe every actor has to find his or her own method or approach that works the best for them. I agree or disagree with the various theories, be it Stanislavasky, Miesner, Adler, or Brecht. I assorted what worked for me, and made my own individual approach."

3) Proudest moment as an actor - "When my dad called me after watching one of the episodes of Rangrasiya (the Vandemataram sequence), and said, ‘Aaj tum ek paripakv abhineta lage mujhe. Aaj mera beta kahin bhi nazar nahi aaya.’ [In translation], ‘Today, I saw an accomplished actor on screen. I couldn’t see my son—it was all character."

4) Fondest memory of acting school - "For the final presentation, we were supposed to do a play. I [had been] doing theatre before I joined Actor Prepares. Andha Yug was one of the plays I could never do. Playing Ashvathama was my unfulfilled desire, and [one day] our teacher came and announced that we would be doing Andha Yug. I looked up with a twinkle and nervousness… Names were called, and their respective characters. Finally he announced, ‘Ashish you’re doing Ashvathama,’ and I was literally choked with excitement."

5) How he met the love of his life - Ashish felt the eternal connection once and for all when he met 'Qubool Hai' fame Archana Taide - "I was shooting near Vadodara for Chandragupta Maurya and she was part of Mahima Shanidev Ki, shooting was happening in same studio. We had a director friend in common through whom we met on the sets, and that was our first meeting and we enjoyed each other's company. Our meeting continued to happen when we headed back to Mumbai too. The minute I met her, I knew she is the girl I want to spend my life with."

6) Favourite actors, directors and music -

John Turturro, Michael Fassbender, Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Ranbir Kapoor, and Peter Dinklage.

Christopher Nolan, Woody Allen, Gasper Noe, Anurag Basu, Anurag Kashyap, Vishal Bhardwaj.

Sufi songs, old Hindi classics, John Mayer, all-time favorite: ‘Dikhai diye yun’ (Bazaar).

7) Few personal details -

Ashish' loved ones call him Sunny.

When stressed, Ashish would love to get himself a massage, followed by a long leisurely nap and then watch a nice movie.

He never misses to carry 'Hanuman Chalisa' in his wallet.

Ashish has this passionate love and craze for sunglasses.

He dreams to play a character like James Bond atleast once in his lifetime.

Stay glued with us for more such interesting facts about your favourite..!!

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