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One more racial discrimanation - Vivek Dahiya


While we keep hearing about racial discrimination and racist attacks, the enormity of the issue strikes us only when we face it ourselves. Ask actor Vivek Dahiya, who recently had a rather unpleasant encounter with immigration officials at the Budapest airport while returning from a family holiday. As Vivek and his actress wife Divyanka Tripathi were waiting in the queue to board the flight, the officials decided to give preference to a group of 15 Americans who were standing behind them.

Recounting the incident, the actor says, "I have been travelling since I was 18 and have studied in the UK for seven years. Over the last 14 years, I've never faced such an issue. Budapest is the first city where I faced discrimination. There were a few small incidents in the first few days, but I shrugged them off thinking that they were either coincidences or the locals were not warm. However, I soon realised that they chose to behave in a certain way towards outsiders. The preferential treatment at the airport made it all the more worse."

He adds, "And then, when you return home, you realise that it's no different here. We are obsessed with fair skin and give preference to Westerners over our own countrymen. Every country should treat tourists and their own citizens equally. Preferential treatment of any kind and on any basis shouldn't be tolerated."

Hold on.. This is not all..!!

Many renowned Indian film celebs have faced this in the past

Shahrukh Khan was detained for over two hours in 2012 at the New York airport after arriving from India in a private plane with Nita Ambani, to address students at Yale University.

Khan faced the same troubles in 2009 at the Newark Airport in New Jersey where he was detained for nearly two hours because of his last name.

Legendary actor Kamal Hassan was detained in the US and frisked as if he were a ‘terrorist’ from the Middle-East.

Actor Irrfan Khan was detained twice at the US airports - at Los Angeles airport in 2008 and at New York airport in 2009.

Bollywood actor Neil Nitin Mukesh was detained at the New York airport for over an hour in 2009 as he was ‘too fair’ to be an Indian.

To add on to this ill treatment - It happend with our the most loved and respected Former President late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

On September 29, 2011, Former President late APJ Abdul Kalam was twice subjected to frisking at New York's JFK Airport with US security officials even taking his jacket and shoes to check for explosives. The incident took place while he was returning home from New York after attending a series of events.

It's high time, think over it !

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