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Kolkata youth Manik Paul wins India's Got Talent season 6


The winner of India's Got Talent talks about his big win, his plan with the prize money, his future in the industry and more

Kolkata-based aerial gymnast Manik Paul is the winner of India's Got Talent season 6, the grand finale of which happened on Saturday night. Paul, a 22-year-old self taught gymnast, turned emotional after the win, saying that he wants to buy a home for his mother with the `50-lakh prize money he won along with a Maruti Celerio car.

You would have thought of this day ever since you were selected but how different is the reality of actually holding the trophy in your hands?

I am sitting in front of the trophy right now and still cannot believe it's happened. I was screaming at the top of my lungs last night because it is just not easy to believe. Yes, I had practised really hard but I never thought I would win! All the other six contestants I was competing against in the finale are so incredibly talented. That is what makes this victory so special and great.

It was a tough lot to beat. If it was not you, who do you think would have won?

Honestly speaking, all of us had come so close to each other in the short time that we were together. We decided that none of us will cry when the results are declared. Each one of us deserved to win this trophy. So many people have asked us 'Who is the best?' to which we would always say... 'All of us are winners, all six of us'. But if I had to choose, I think Yogeshwari should have won.

You did this so that you could buy a house for your mother. Where are you looking to settle down?

I have not yet started searching. I want to continue living here in Mumbai. So I'll try to find some place near Thane, so that I can do something more here.

What has Remo D'Souza promised you? Will he help learn some more?

Varun Dhawan had said during the show that Remo sir definitely will have some plan for me. So I will definitely message sir again and talk.

You are already an expert in the aerial act, what's next?

I want to learn dancing now. I think someone will definitely train me and I'd really be honoured if I could get the opportunity to learn dance from Terence (Lewis) sir.

Winning a dance competition in India doesn't always translate into a windfall of offers from the industry as compared to the chances the winner of, say Sa Re Ga Ma Pa or Voice of India or Indian Idol gets. As a dancer, does it make you nervous about your own future?

There is one thing about me -- I am a very hardworking person. Performance arts are not about job security and I have known that for a long time. However, I have always had an unflinching faith in myself and my hard work. I used to practise day and night, hours at a stretch. People used to call me crazy and mad, but I never let go of my positive attitude. 'Kuch na kuch toh ho hi jaega' I used to think and still do. Of course, I didn't know that I would win IGT but there was always this positivity in me that something good will surely happen.


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