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Love triangle between Rannvijay, his wife and Sunny Leone!


For love between people doesn't always mean a nasty affair or so. We are talking about the wonderful camaraderie between Rannvijay, his wifey dear and sexy Sunny Leone.

At the launch event of the show, reporters quizzed Rannvijay on whether his wife was insecure about him spending time with Sunny. The actor, in his inimitable goofy sense of humor, said, "Firstly I married Priyanka because she is the kind of girl who would never get jealous or insecure. Secondly, Priyanka is quite friendly with Sunny and has no problems whatsoever. We are just doing our jobs and it is strange that people are worrying about such matters."

Sunny, on the other hand, added, "Well, Rannvijay and I share an awesome chemistry, but I share a better bond with Priyanka. Since we are from USA, we have our own little talks and have fun whenever we are together. Over dinners, Priyanka and I pair up, leaving Rannvijay alone,"

"Yes, you see, I am the one insecure about my wife and Sunny's bond," quipped Rannvijay with a hearty laugh!

Woooaah! Now this is definitely a cool love triangle! What say?

Source (Tellychakkar)

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