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Krishna Gokani - I was in depression for three years; but now I have changed and for good


She bared the brunt of being popular at a very tender and innocent age!! She was ousted from both the shows where she was the 'face', without prior notice!! She was framed to be the most unprofessional actor, and was also touted to be into a love affair with a production guy, a complete family man!!

Well, we are talking about the talented and good-looking Krishna Gokani, who is even today remembered as the darling 'Bhakti' in Hamari Devrani, and the intelligent con girl in Looteri Dulhan.

Well, it's hard to believe that we have not seen the girl in action for nearly three years now!! But this is a fact…

But now, Krishna Gokani is rearing to move on, come back with a bang, and prove her critics wrong with her new and changed outlook to life…

She's done it all, to get back to shape

Yes, if you look at me now, you will understand the level of work that has gone into this changed look!! I have lost nearly 15 kgs of weight; I have worked it off like an ass in the gym. I have given myself a decently good diet regime, and have followed it day after day. I have learnt the nuances of yoga and meditation, and this has helped me a lot. The result of all this is that I am a much more calm person, very understanding, more mixing, good in making people comfortable, more professional and more of the giving in types now. All this has not been easy at all, but I am glad that I have gotten till here.. Earlier, I was too young, to even understand anything. Now, I am a far better person, both mentally and physically.

Points to prove

Well, I was way too innocent, naïve and nice when I began my career. Now, I want to show people that I have honestly changed, that too for the good. The amazing part was that I was so nice, as all came from the very protective background I had. I never used to notice that my mischievous, innocent attitude was taken to be something else. I never realized that one needs to think before doing anything and reacting in an industry like this. It's now time to move on…

Source (Tellychakkar)

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