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Kunal Jaisingh - I have a longer time span as an actor on TV, as I am young


Kunal Jaisingh is happy and thrilled to be the 'breath of fresh air' in Zee TV's Doli Armaanon Ki (Spellbound Productions).

As we know, Kunal, who came into the spotlight with The Buddy Project has recently entered the show post its generation leap. Kunal plays the role of Chiku, Shaurya's cousin brother who has a spark of eccentricity in him.

Talking about his character, Kunal told us, "My character provides a light-hearted relief to the rather serious characters and situations in the show. Chiku is outrageous, eccentric, flirtatious and mischievous as well. I have never played such a role before. It is indeed a challenge, as Chiku provides the different angle in the show."

Comparing it with his role in Buddy Project, Kunal explained, "I had a comic streak n Buddy Project too. But this is something different. There are a lot of controversies happening in every character's lives, and here is Chiku trying to create a light moment even amidst the serious ones. As an actor, I will have to put in my best effort to make the scenes look lively."

Kunal who has done lead roles before, has taken this daring decision of playing the second fiddle in this show. When asked about this, Kunal with a smile said, "See, I am young and have age by my side. Also, I believe that there is nothing wrong in playing the second fiddle to the lead. I am the comical lead here, and this gives me a scope of proving my versatility. I wanted to test waters and do something different; since I am young, I believe I have a longer time span as actor on TV."

About being apprehensive of picking up an existing show, Kunal stated, "Yes, there is a lot of baggage that the newer set of actors carry as we enter Doli Armaanon Ki. The show has been doing well for the past 18 months; but doing things for the good, even after carrying the baggage is what I want to do."

Lastly, talking about the viewers' response so far, the actor averred, "Well, the response has been really good. The shoot schedule has been very hectic, and we need to settle down in our characters. With time, things will certainly ease. Overall, I love my role."

All the best, Kunal!!

Source (Tellychakkar)


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