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Anjali’s father learns about her Everest expedition


Anjali and her team are busy with their Everest expedition. They try to mingle with the other teams at the base camp to build a bonding. They play a bit of pool and challenge each other. Arjun plays well and impresses everyone.

Later even Aakaash manges to play well and wins the game. Anjali tells him that he should be bold and explore his potential. Her advice to him is to do what his heart says and let others see how talented he is. Aakaash tries to tell Anjali his feelings but she brushes the topic aside.

Meanwhile there is chaos at the base camp as the footprints of a yeti are found. The story of the yeti is a legendary tale and all the veteran Sherpas talk about it. All the food is stolen at the base camp and Roongta and the Colonel purchase more. Is the yeti really around or is someone playing a prank on the mountaineers?

Anjali’s father suspects something amiss with Anjali as he is quite sure that he had seen Maithali. Anjali’s father watches the news and learns that his daughter has gone for the Everest expedition. He gets livid and questions his wife about hiding the truth from him?

Will Anjali’s father get her to leave the Everest expedition mid-way? Will Anjali abandon her father’s dream mid-way? To find out, stay tuned on TV Talks.

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