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Prithvi Vallabh will have season 2 - Anirudh Pathak, curator


Writers Galaxy Studios’ head honcho Anirudh Pathak must be currently on another high, courtesy his debut project Prithvi Vallabh (PV) that saw a grand launch on 10 January.

The writer turned producer is one of the most celebrated writers on the tube. During the launch of his upcoming original series, the curator, who looked fine in a white suit, was tensed and excited at the same time.

During the exclusive conversation with TellyChakkar, Anirudh seemed ecstatic and gave smart responses that only someone of his caliber could.

Excerpts of the interview are as followed…

“I see PV as a franchise”

We want it to be a franchise. I see Prithvi Vallabh as a franchise. If the first season does well, we will bring the second season. I don’t want to make 5-6 seasons and exploit the story unnecessarily. Currently, I just have 2 seasons in my mind.

The idea behind PV

We have a writing lab, where there’s constant research going on. There’s an age-old poem where there’s a small mention of Prithvi Vallabh in a grass. That was the point where we started.

This is not a show for people who watch daily soaps

This is not a show for people who watch daily soaps. We have used a different lens. This show's treatment is different. We have made it such that it has a global structure. We are sharing factual information with it. We tried incorporating that. I want my audience with the family to enjoy it. We have made sure that its first show and the last episode is all the same. We want each episode to be the best. I just feel that good stories should be enjoyed.

“All historical and mythological shows look the same”

My education has been in Sanskrit. So I’ve strong inclination towards Indian culture and history. Therefore, I mostly make stories enriched with Indian culture. While narrating a story, I always have a point of view. In Mahadev, I didn’t portray the Lord as a God but, as a friend. In Siya Ke Raam, I depicted it from Sita’s point of view. Prithvi Vallabh is a love story but, we never marketed it as a love story. We want it to offer the audience Prithvi as a philosophy. Today all historical and mythological shows are looking the same. However, with this show, I’m trying to attempt something new.

“My approach is different”

My approach, lens and vision are something that makes me different. It is how you see things. There are so many war based films, however, Spielberg, is the best known. That is because of his vision. “We can’t compete with Game Of Thrones”

GOT can’t be our competition. We can’t compete with Game Of Thrones. However, the audience has a huge appetite so people can have more. The content needs to be good then only the audience accepts it. I believe in conviction. We have realism in our treatment. We have kept it clean, realistic, historical which will hook the audience.

“I want ratings and respect both”

Making the show is a big task. The problems have never ceased till today. However, only ratings will decide if all of it is worth. I want people to accept it and like it. I don’t want just high ratings and people don’t like it for e.g. Naagin. I want ratings and respect both.

Here's wishing Anirudh Pathak all the success he hopes to garner for his newest launch!

source Tellychakkar

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