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Indian Idol Junior contestants play a prank with Asha Negi


Asha Negi is the favourite of Indian Idol junior contestant and when it comes to playing pranks Asha is the easiest target of the kids. Children love her so much that she often finds herself at the receiving end of most of the innocent pranks on the sets. It started with kids mimicking her laugh, later it went on to imitating her style. But this time, the 'on-set fun' made her run for her life

Asha Negi got a lizard as a gift by Ajay. A source close the production said, "Asha Negi is a hit with the kids. They all love talking and fooling around with her! This was all planned by the singing protégé, Ajay Brijwasi. He looks very innocent and gullible but, this prank, made us change our perception about him."

According to the source, Asha was very excited to receive a gift from Ajay. But as soon as she opened the box she found a lizard in it! The atmosphere from 'Aww' suddenly turned into 'Haww'!

After the initial shock, Asha being the sport that she is, of course was in splits! We are sure Asha must be planning her own sweet revenge on Ajay, so let's wait and watch!

Source (Newsroompost)

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