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Balika Vadhu: Will Anandi succeed in finding her daughter this time?


The woman is this close to reuniting with her daughter but for some reason or the other, it just doesn't happen
Today's episode of Balika Vadhu was nothing short of a roller coaster ride with so many emotions put together. From jealousy to romance to realisation, we saw a lot. It started with Akhiraj's fake speech over child labour and child abuse. So he was on call explaining someone why it is important to not make kids work and instead make them study and allow them to play. The man had the audacity to be speaking all this in front Nimboli (Gracy Goswami) whom he's kept as a house slave. For so many years, the innocent little girl has been ill-treated and she took it all smilingly, because that was the only treatment to daughter-in-laws she had seen. But now with Kundan's (Sparsh Shrivastav) second wife, Urmila, in the picture, Nimboli is finally starting to realise that she's treated differently. And Urmila's rude ways are not helping in anyway.

Meanwhile, Pooja and Manu are having a happy married life, so far. Manu gets a fake lizard to scare Pooja who gets furious on realising that it's a fake one. So she runs after Manu with a rolling pin in her hand to hit him when she accidentally trips and Manu hold her in time… the two share a romantic moment which would have been cute had they not been kids.

At the badi haveli too, things are settling eventually with Jagdish getting closer to his son.

The upcoming episode is going to be very very interesting. Ever since Kundan's wedding, Akhiraj has been trying to find out about the lady who informed Urmila's father about Nimboli. And he'll soon find out that it was his own daughter, Kamlee (Farah Hussain). So Urmila's father calls back on the number from which he had received the call and Kamlee tells him her name which he then passes on to Akhiraj. We wonder what will Akhiraj do now that Kamlee is already married. But that's not the only thing he has to deal with…

Now we know how Akhiraj has started to sing a different tune to impress Jagdish (Shashank Vyas) to hold on to his political status. So he calls up Jagdish and requests him to meet once. Assuming that it must be about Manu and Pooja, Jagdish agrees to see him. On hearing that there is some update about the kids, Anandi (Toral Rasputra) too decides to join Jagdish at the meeting. So will she really come face to face with Akhiraj this time or will the latter be saved once again. Guess we'll have to wait to find that out!

Source (Bollywoodlife)

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