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Shiv in Dilemma


A story from the past which everyone thought was sorted and settled has come back haunting Shiv. The fact that he was born to Anoop and Meenu and not Ira and Alok has been brought up again in the family. Soon Anoop is going to ask Shiv to call him as his father as he and Meenu are his real parents.  Past few weeks Anoop has been seen going against his family and his latest whim is to claim Shiv as his child.

Ira will break down listening to this as she brought up Shiv like her son and even he has been calling her his mother all this while. Shiv is going to agree to Anoop's wishes of calling him his father but this will definitely have some repercussions on the dynamics of the whole family. Everyone is already in a vulnerable  state and with Anoop demanding this will definitely hamper it furthermore.

It will be interesting to see what happens next and which direction the family goes after this.

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