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Will Ranvijay accept Baldev and Veera’s relationship?


After many ups and downs in Baldev and Veera's relationship, Ranvijay is convinced that Baldev loves Veera and agrees to their marriage.

Baldev professes his love for Veera in front of Ranvijay and the family. He pleads with Ranveer, to give Veera's hand to him in marriage. Ranvijay realises that Baldev will keep Veera happy and agrees to their marriage.
Veera and Baldev are very happy as they have received Ranvijay's blessings. The entire family is ecstatic as Ranveer has accepted Baldev. Ranvijay tells Baldev to always take care of his little sister.
But Baldev's mother Bansuri is still convinced that Veera is a good match for him. She will inform Baldev that she has not yet approved of Veera.

Will Baldev and Veera's love have to go through another test? What will Veera have to do this time to prove her love for Baldev?

Meanwhile how will Inspector Rajveer react to the news of Baldev and Veera's marriage? He had tried to kill Baldev earlier as he wanted to marry Veera? What will he do when he learns that Ranveer has consented to their marriage? Will he cause havoc in their lives once more?


To find out what happens next, 'Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera', Stay Tuned on TV Talks.

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