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I want Television to get back the respect that it is deprived of - Anirudh Pathak


Debutant producer Anirudh Pathak has a lot of big shows in his kitty. The writer turned producer excelled in successfully creating 4000 hours of content as the show runner for his magnum opus - 'Devon ke Dev... Mahadev' and some incredibly unforgettable shows like Siya Ke Ram, Mahakumbh and Hatim for the Indian audience, thus earning for himself the title of 'creative guru' in the Industry.

He focused on human touch points for Indian viewers which made his shows mega hits on the small screen. We sat him down and got him to reveal about his journey from is writing days to his producing ones.

Anirudh speaks about the journey from being a writer to a producer-

I am basically a writer. But because not many people could have produced the kind of stories that I write and think of, I ended up turning one for myself. Even when I was a writer, I always wanted to get television this respect that it is deprived of. 'The idiot box' that we call it, my aim is to get TV that respect back with the shows that I write and produce.

History and mythology have both been a part of my creative journey since a long time. Though I have become a producer now, as a show runner shows like Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev, Siya Ke Ram, Mahakumbh, etc have been a part of my journey. Though I have not been a part of those shows as a producer, I saw what went into the making of those shows. But the reason that I took up a show like Prithvi Vallabh, was to overcome the challenges that I have seen people face earlier. I have tried to put what I learnt earlier, into Pritvhi Vallabh and what you have seen in the first episode, you will see exactly the same thing, the same look and feel, until the very last episode as well and that is my vision, as a producer.

Well, we hope so too that television gets its due credit and continues to garner even more love and appreciation.

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