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TV actresses who lodged complaint for being abused


According to a report on Mid-Day.com, Tina Dutta aka Iccha of Uttaran had to recently go through an awkward moment during an Award function held at Gurgaon.

While presenting an award on the stage, a man grabbed her hand and pulled her towards himself. The actress shouted in response and tried warning him to which the attacker reasoned that all he wanted to do was click a picture with the actress.

Tina was quoted in the report as saying that she had never expected anyone to behave in such a manner. The guy was not at all apologetic about his behaviour. The actress confessed that she wanted to slap him but had to control as the person in question was being awarded. Tina also added that she wanted to ask the guy as to how would he react if someone behaved in the same manner with his daughter, sister or wife

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