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Akshara, Gopi, Ishita share a few parenting responsibilities


Being a parent is a huge responsibility and hence our characters share a few tips.

One of the most important roles is that of a parent as they have to nurture, care and understand their children and yet help to them to become strong, independent and responsible individuals in life. But our characters love their role of being a parent.

Gopi says, “As parents we need to protect and always take care of our children. We need to look out for their best interests so that they grow up to be good human beings. Spend time with your children, teach them, talk to them and listen to them as this makes a huge difference. At times we often feel that we are lacking, but be sure to do the best you can and your kids will appreciate it.”

Akshara adds, “Being a parent is a continuous learning process as we too learn along with our kids as they are growing up. As our kids get older, we need to give them some space and not expect them to always do as we want. We need to understand their feelings, dreams and goals. We should not force our children to live our dreams as they may have their own aspirations. Understand them and help them.”

Ishita shares, “Children are very sensitive, they will behave in the same manner as the adults around them. They need a stable and good environment around them so that they can feel loved and nurtured. Always make time for your kids as that is the one thing that money or luxury cannot buy. Build a strong and loving bond with your child right from a young age.”

Being there for your children, nurturing them and teaching them good things will help parents become good role models for their kids.

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