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Radha to fall into Urmi and Ishaan's trap; to testify against Samrat in Zee TV's Doli Armaanon Ki


The high-voltage custody drama of the kid Shaurya (Mitansh Gera) in Zee TV’s Doli Armaanon Ki (Spellbound Productions) has kept the viewers glued to the show. Now, the track will proceed towards the climax wherein Urmi (Neha Marda) will identify the one person who would testify against Samrat (Mohit Malik) in the court to get her Shaurya’s custody.
And the big moment for Urmi will arrive when the innocent and naïve Radha (Shruti Kanwar) will by herself fall into the trap. Radha who has worn the mangalsutra of Samrat has been upset with Samrat getting tense about Urmi’s behaviour. In order to reprimand Urmi, Radha will in tonight’s episode go to Urmi’s house to confront her.
And for a change, viewers will see a different side to Radha’s character where she will don the avatar of an over-protective wife who would want no harm on her husband.
As per a source, Radha will barge into Urmi’s house and will ask her why she is doing all this to a nice person like Samrat. Radha will fume with anger, and tell Urmi to stay away from Samrat. All this will make Urmi wonder why Radha is reacting like this, and she will provoke the naïve girl even more, and this will be when in her moment of rage, Radha will blurt out the fact that she wears Samrat’s mangalsutra. Urmi will be immediately taken aback, and she will confront Radha.
With this new development coming in their favour, Urmi will plan to trap Radha with the help of Ishaan (Vibhav Roy). Ishaan will go and meet Radha separately wherein he will fool Radha with his words and will somehow convince the girl to reveal in court about Samrat being her husband. The best part will be that Radha who is too foolish to understand what is happening around her, will agree to do as Ishaan has told her.
Will Radha open up against Samrat in the court?
When contacted, Shruti Kanwar said, “Well, Radha is so dumb and naïve that she really does not understand what is happening with her. However, for a change she will not be a bouncing ball, and will confront Urmi in tonight’s episode.”

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