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Krishna Abhishek to quit Comedy Classes?


Krushna Abhishek, who is one of the principal faces of standup comedy show 'Comedy Classes', has expressed desire to quit the show. We hear the actor isn't happy with its format that requires him to spoof Bollywood actors.

Says one of the standup comedians from the show, "The original concept was to teach comedy to the viewers, however, Krushna ended up performing spoofs. Doing that once in a while is fine, but not on a regular basis. He does not want to be seen as a mimicry artiste, but as himself, the way he used to do in the same production house's earlier show, Comedy Circus."

We have also learnt that the production house has promised to consider the actor's request and change the format. "If that doesn't happen, then Krushna will quit the show. He would have quit early this month, but shot four episodes instead, because of his relationship with the production house" says the source. While Krushna didn't respond, producer Vipul D Shah said, "Not true. In fact, Krushna is enjoying the format the most."

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