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Will Radhika and Arjun marry each other on Manmarziyan?


As per the ongoing episodes of Manmarziyan (Star Plus), wedding drama is going on where Radhika (Monica Sehgal) is trying her best to save her friend Samaira (Kashmira Irani) from Arjun (Aham Sharma) and Nandini's (Shilpa Saklani Agnihotri) devilish plans. With the current track, Radhika has escaped from Nandini's clutches and reached the wedding venue. However she wasn't able to protect the diary which has Nandini's truth. She then lies about her relation with Arjun and goes to the extent of saying that they both love each other and this leaves Samaira shattered. Wondering what will happen next? Samaira will feel cheated and try to commit suicide. On being saved she will blame Radhika for ruining her life. Then out of anger and embarrassment Arjun will drag Radhika to the mandap and in front of everyone they will take pheras and get married. This is not it! Now the struggle in Radhika's life begins because in saving Sam's life she has ruined her own life. Arjun and Nandini both are in a revenge mode because she ruined their marriage plans. Will Samaira get to know the truth about Arjun or will she continue blaming Radhika for stealing her love?

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