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Fire on 'Badi Dooooor Se Aaye Hain' set


With wedding bells ringing on the sets of alien comedy show "Badi Dooooor Se Aaye Hain", the lights that were put up for celebration burnt down the drapes that were decorated on the set.

During the shoot of a wedding ceremony sequence, the lights that were put up for the celebration got over heated and hence resulted in burning the drapes on Tuesday.

"While we were shooting for our sangeet sequence all of a sudden there was a light that sparked and resulted in burning the drapes of the mandap. The fire kept spreading, thus we had to evacuate the entire set. Nobody was hurt and no harm was caused," said a source from the show.

"We have resumed the shoot as we need to wind up with the track. The set has been reconstructed and everything has gone back to normal," the source added.

"Badi Dooooor Se Aaye Hain", which airs on SAB TV, narrates a comical tale of an alien family which is struggling to settle with humans on Earth while
learning the intricacies of human nature and behaviour.

Source (IANS)

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