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Bhabho gets shot and is wounded by Rajkumar


Sandhya refuses to give up to the terrorists without a fight. She stages a scene where Maya gets breathless due to her asthma problem. Sandhya warns Rajkumar that she will destroy the asthma inhaler and his sister Maya will die. In the gun battle between Sandhya’s team and the terrorists, Bhabho gets shot and is wounded.

Sandhya coerces Rajkumar to let all the passengers and Sooraj to go in exchange for the inhaler. A fierce gun battle breaks out between Sandhya’s team and the terrorists. Sandhya asks Sooraj to take everyone and leave but he refuses to leave her alone.

Sooraj is worried about Sandhya’s safety and tries to protect her. Meanwhile Bhabho refuses to go without Sooraj and Sandhya. She gets worried and looks for them. In the gun fight, Disha, Prema and even Maya get shot at and are killed. An upset Rajkumar points the gun at Sooraj. When Bhabho sees this, she places herself in the line of fire. Bhabho gets shot at and is wounded.

Will Bhabho survive the gunshot wound? Will Sooraj and his family blame Sandhya for Bhabho’s state? To find out, stay Tunned on TV Talks.

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