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Shweta Tiwari talks about her relationship


Shweta Tiwari and Raja Chaudhary's scarred relation was out in public and this warring couple washed their dirty linen in public. They split after 9 years of togetherness. In an interview, Shweta got candid and spoke about her relationship with Raja, "We married after just three months of knowing each other. It was a mistake. We hardly knew anything about each other.

My family was against him. But I was 19 and stupid. After a few days, I found him drinking heavily. He blamed it on his social circle. Soon after, I found myself pregnant. I went to my in-laws in Meerut. His sister Shalu was getting married. While I was away, I heard that he was getting too close to junior artistes and small time models. He joined me there, and started cuddling up to Shalu's friend at the wedding itself. I took him to the terrace and questioned him about it.

He slapped me so hard that I almost fell down." She further said, "Like a fool, I was still going on with him. But in June 2007, I saw him getting cozy with an actress who is now married. They were doing a play together and he told me, 'Shweta, this is it, you are jealous. I love this girl." And (sighs) I walked out of the house taking Palak with me. I went to my mom's place." Shweta has clearly moved on and married Abhinav Kohli.

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