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Colors' Ishq Ka Rang Safed is 'impressive'


Television heartthrob Mishal Raheja, who made his comeback with Colors' latest offering Ishq Ka Rang Safed, has done the right thing! With Film Farm and Colors joining hands one more time post Uttaran, everyone expects the show and Mishal's role to be another eye-opening tale. Well, the show and the actor haven't disappointed us so far.

Devoid of excessive melodrama, Ishq Ka Rang Safed looks promising, and the hard hitting facts shown in a subtle manner makes it an iconic fare.

The first episode opened up brilliantly, with Mishal aka Viplab, riding along the Ganges with his rowdy friends. We couldn't help but give due credits to the camera team for this sequence, who wonderfully captured the beautiful sights of the holy city of Banaras.

Exploring the spirit of Banaras, the daily wonderfully depicts the dual nature of the city, represented by the two leads. Viplab, the rebellious grandson of an orthodox Pandit, who is all set to fly abroad for his higher education, is connected to the city only because of his roots, while Dhani (Eisha Singh), a young widow, holds the traditional values and morals, for which the city is known.

On the very first episode itself, the makers quickly narrate how the two characters come face to face, spurring clashes that will be the running theme of the show. The makers have promised to churn out the story in their own way, which will not be a mere entertainment on the idiot box, but will also try to spread a social message. Just a glimpse of a few of the sequences makes us believe that the makers have kept their words.

The character sketches seize our attention, especially through Dasrath Tripathi's (Arun Bakshi) hypocrite role. On one hand, in front of his followers, he acts as one unprejudiced, progressive individual, being empathetic towards unfortunate young widows, while on the other, he is abusive toward his wife. Another character that looks promising is of Rajlaxmi, the only widow in the Ashram who wants to break free from all the conservative rituals.

Coming to the actors, newbie Eisha surely impresses us with her timid and tender act. As for Mishal, all we can say is nothing could have been better than this one to make a comeback. Mishal makes us look forward to his performances. The ensemble cast including Vidya Sinha, Arun Bakshi, Garima Shrivastav looks quite decent too.

After being bombarded with so many saas-bahu sagas and melodrama series, this one is a sassy spin to the age-old clashes of values.

Source (Tellychakkar)

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