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“I am looking forward to a life with Baldev,” says Veera


Veera is very happy right now as she is soon going to marry Baldev and finally they will be together. This jodi’s relationship has gone through a lot of problems but in the end their love triumphed.

Veera is busy with all the preparations for her marriage. There are a lot of ceremonies to complete and a lot of things she needs to attend to. Veera says, “I cannot believe that finally the day is near when Baldev and I will get married. We have waited a long time, first for Veerji’s approval, then for Bansuri Tai’s acceptance and now we have got all their blessings. Veerji is so excited with all the preparations and is looking into them personally.”

Veera admits that even though Baldev and her relationship has seen many ups and downs, she is quite sure that their bond has become stronger. Veera shares, “It was not an easy journey for Baldev and I, there were many problems. But our love overcame all of the obstacles and now we will be together. Even now we have many nok-jhoks, but I know that we will always love each other and support the other.”

Veera feels that the one quality required in any relationship is trust and being there by the other person’s side. Veera adds, “Baldev and I trust each other a lot. I know that he will never let me down and will always take care of me.”

Veera will miss her Veerji a lot, she says, “I will surely miss Veerji and the entire family. But I will treasure the bond that Veerji and I have created over the years. It will continue to hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my life.”

Veera is excited to begin the new journey of her life.

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