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TV show to recreate the Nepal earthquake mayhem


The daily soap Ye Hai Mohabbatein will soon air a track inspired by the recent earthquake in Nepal, where several people lost their life.

The creative team decided to add a track of the same, along with the fire sequence. Since the show is based in Delhi, they decided to incorporate the track as the tremors were also felt in the capital city of the country. Says a source associated with the show, "The idea is to show how devastation of such scale can affect peoples lives, especially those who find themselves stuck in such situations. The sequence will follow the fire breakout. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will experience the tremors, while she is trying to save the kids from the fire. The entire building collapses once she rescues them."

Divyanka says, "I have planned to keep it real! No filmigiri. Its something which destroys families, yet unravels the strength that each one of us have."

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